Legacy Systems (LEGASYS) Lab
Land-Use | Environment | Geospatial Analysis | Archaeology

Department of Environment & Society
Utah State University

The LEGASYS (LEGAcy SYStems) Lab examines historical land-use practices and their lasting impacts on dryland systems. Our lab integrates approaches from archaeology, (paleo)ecology, and geospatial science and specializes in satellite and UAV remote sensing and micro-botanical (phytolith) analysis. We reconstruct long-term land-use histories, develop new approaches for quantifying past land use, and explore tensions that arise at the intersection of modern land use, climate change, and cultural heritage. 

LEGASYS research spans the recent and ancient past, providing insight into ecosystem resilience capacities, processes, and key strategies for the long-term resilience of dryland agricultural systems, and offering long-term context to our current socio-environmental challenges